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9 Tips & Tricks To Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Spring is in the air here in Richmond, Virginia and it's almost on the Calendar, too! You may notice the eager daffodils and tulips popping up in your flower beds and around your mailbox, or a lone crocus here and there, inviting us all outside while promising that warmer days are ahead. Sure, it may be time to find a lawn care and landscape specialist, like The Grass Man at, to weed, mulch and freshen up your plant beds, but what about caring for your lawn?

We have 9 Tips you can use, along with the help of The Grass Man, for creating the best lawn in the neighborhood!

1.) Rake it up, Break it Down, Bag it Up!

Raking isn't just an Autumn past-time, it's a necessary chore for a Spring lawn. A good, deep raking is particularly necessary as it not only removes the leaves, grass blades and lawn thatch, it gets rid of snow mold, too!

2.) Aeration is Part of the Equation.

Like any other plant, your grass craves water and essential nutrients to grow a thicker, fuller, healthier lawn. We recommend you wait until late Spring, around mid-May, to aerate your lawn in Zone 7, as it's best to allow your grass to thrive during it's natural high-growth periods.

3.) Transplants for a Balding Lawn?

You're darn right! It's cheap and easy to fix a bald spot and get your lawn ready for Spring in 3 easy steps!

  • Saturate the bald spot with water and remove the dead grass

  • Level the spot with soil

  • Re-seed with your variety of grass seed

4.) Fertilize, but don't overfeed your Lawn!

It's natural to assume your hibernating lawn wants to be fed after waking up from it's winter slumber, but be careful not to over-feed...we've all seen Little Shop of Horrors! Using too much fertilizer can actually damage or burn your lawn, not to mention, you'd invite a throng of weeds to flourish via over-feeding.

5.) Garnish it with Lime, please!

To be sure your lawn is ready to grow healthy after what winter has put your soil through, it pays to check your soil PH to know if your soil needs amended. Get that soil test kit ready early in spring and see whether your soil is acidic or alkaline. Make sure you do not apply lime within 2-3 weeks after fertilizing to avoid unwanted chemical reactions that will render their effect useless. If you have animals on the property, be sure to check out First Saturday Lime, they're amazing.

6.) Dirty Knees from #PullingWeeds

It's a constant battle. Nature is patient and persistent; she'll send birds, storms and even high winds to blow weeds and seeds onto your lawn. It can get annoying and overwhelming, but The Grass Man of RVA will do the dirty work for you. Set up your appointment today!

7.) Just keep mowing, just keep mowing...

Would your like your hair to be cut and styled with a butter knife? Yeah, neither does your lawn. We keep our blades sharp so the grass is cut crisp and is afforded the ability to heal fast after cutting. Remember, never cut more than the top third of your grass; it is never a wise to scalp your lawn. Text The Grass Man in RVA at 1-757-593-5316 to schedule a consult!

8.) Water: Hydrate & Appreciate

Starting in mid-late March, if you aren't getting all the rain the rest of us have been flooded with, be sure to give your lawn at least 1" of water per week. Cold air will dry out grass, soil and roots and dehydration doesn't do anyone any favors!

9.) Prepare to Maintain Your Lawn Through the Fall

Lawn maintenance is an imperative step to keeping your lawn lush and beautiful, manicured and shaped. Life gets busy, we get tired and sometimes, we're physically unable to give our yards the attention they deserve. Luckily, The Grass Man has nearly a decade of experience serving the Richmond Metro and surrounding counties and we will make your yard our priority so you can focus on more important matters. If for any reason you can't, The Grass Man can.

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